My work is a sculptural embodiment of ambivalence. Humans are contradictory in nature since we are constantly growing and, hopefully, developing personal intellect. Knowing what I currently believe could drastically change over time is terrifying yet intriguing. I have a deep fear of being wrong, but I'm also excited to grow and learn from mistakes. The pieces I create are manifestations of these thoughts and insecurities.  I have found that having lowered expectations is a key to happiness. I seek beauty and humor in daily life, past trauma, contradictions, and mortality as a coping mechanism. The characters I create are also on this quest. Even when they're smiling they seem to be experiencing inner turmoil. They are negative personalities learning to be positive, and the feeling of this strain is depicted in their expression.  My pieces serve as poignant yet hopeful symbols of the human experience.  My figurative work often takes on a foreboding, monster-like quality, as if they are my inner demons, baggage from past trauma, or current fears manifesting into an identity. I aim to communicate common human emotions and experiences that are often deemed taboo as a way of making people feel comfortable being human.